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Róbert Pelles

Pelles turned his back on his flourishing carrier as a graphic designer from one day to the other, when in 1996 he chose fine arts. His early works were primarily the subjective renditions of his own visual experiences, such as special aspects of cities and human figures. After a long time of ripening, he arrived to the pictorial universe what he calls ‘free abstraction’. However, the interpretation of human feelings and gestures and their conceptualization without naturalist features still comes back in a couple works of his.
 An instinctive artist, he creates his canvases with great intensity from layer to layer without using sketches, which are ultimately made unmistakeable by a sensitive colourism and characteristic formal features. Besides his Hungarian and international debuts, he was represented in numerous exhibitions in the USA, where he was recognized with awards on several occasions.
 His works of art are present in the homes and offices of well-known personalities in politics, economy, sports and the entertainment business from New York to London, and from Dubai to Tokyo around the world.

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Ernő Tóth

Tóth’s works are inspired by humour and satire. He pursued his studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as well as in France, the USA and the Netherlands. His masters were Szilárd Iván, Jenő Barcsay and László Patay.
His works are kept in numerous Hungarian public collections, e.g. Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest; Mihály Munkácsy Museum, Békéscsaba; Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs. His works of art are also displayed in private collections in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland and Taiwan.
He is a member of several art societies and associations, including the Hungarian Painters’ Society, the DunapART Art Society and the Hungarian Association of Fine Arts.
He was awarded several times on national and international exhibitions.

Éva Kun

“I was wondering what can be said about true art that applies without taking into account genres? The answer lies in the question: TRUE. The rest is ‘only’ a matter of talent. Genre is the instrument we use to convey it. My ‘instrument’ is ceramics, which is a love of my life since childhood, and which I still do with the same passion. I like its versatility, that it offers so many options, ranging from the colours of painting through the plastic force of sculpture to the modesty of a simple pot, with the purpose of leaving a mark from ourselves and, if possible, serve those, who find something in it and might make their lives brighter and more beautiful.”

Ádám Würtz Jr.

He is an exceptionally talented, innovative artist with his own, unique visual world who is not affected by the various trends. His associative pieces are dominated by intellectuality. His clever graphics are the result of a long and absorbed maturing process. He has been on study trips to the US in 1986 and in 1989, then he lived and worked there for a longer period. In 1996 he has founded the International Würtz Ádám Foundation in order to maintain his father’s, Ádám Würtz’s intellectual and artistic heritage and to continue the traditions.

Péter Borkovics

Recipient of countless national and international awards. His arts are displayed in public collections. He studied in the Vocational School for Fine and Industrial Arts, then earned a degree in Glass and Porcelain Art at the Faculty of Silicate Design of the Hungarian University of Industrial Arts. His masters were György Buczkó, Zoltán Bohus, Márton Horváth and Zsuzsa Vida. He earned a master’s degree at the Master’s Insitute of the Hungarian University of Industrial Arts under the guidance of Endre Gaál. Between 2001 and 2003 he took part in the DLA training of the Hungarian University of Industrial Arts, then studied Computer Designing at Politechnico Milano. He is an art teacher at the glass art faculty of the Vocational School for Fine and Industrial Arts.

About Us

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GENEZIS Contemporary Art Gallery has provided a permanent opportunity to display works for the most talented fine and industrial artists in the heart of Budapest. The primary objective of the gallery is to represent Róbert Pelles, who, functioning as a sort of art manager has been working to maintain the original concept and artistic standard since the foundation of the gallery.

Besides our permanent exhibitors with international successes, we regularly give opportunities to young and ambitious artists. The representatives of the gallery are ready to help in formulating your ideas in the best possible way. If requested, we provide onsite consultations and give advices to find the work of art that best suits your environment among our artefacts at offer.

In addition to original Pelles paintings, you can even choose from the numbered gicle-quality prints of the artist, which are only available at us in Hungary and give a colourful selection of the entire visual universe of the artist.

Come to our gallery personally or take advantage of our online options. The gallery arranges an accurate and safe delivery, through our long-standing connection with DHL international courier company, of the work of art of your choice to anywhere around the globe under pre-negotiated terms. In case of our paintings, above a given value purchased, we bear the cost of delivery.
We are looking forward to your visit at us!

Magdolna Egervölgyi

gallery manager


Opening Times:
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