Pelles turned his back on his flourishing carrier as a graphic designer from one day to the other, when in 1996 he chose fine arts.
His early works were primarily the subjective renditions of his own visual experiences, such as special aspects of cities and human figures. After a long time of ripening, he arrived to the pictorial universe what he calls ‘free abstraction’.
However, the interpretation of human feelings and gestures and their conceptualization without naturalist features still comes back in a couple works of his. An instinctive artist, he creates his canvases with great intensity from layer to layer without using sketches, which are ultimately made unmistakeable by a sensitive colourism and characteristic formal features.
Besides his Hungarian and international debuts, he was represented in numerous exhibitions in the USA, where he was recognized with awards on several occasions. His works of art are present in the homes and offices of well-known personalities in politics, economy, sports and the entertainment business from New York to London, and from Dubai to Tokyo around the world.