If art meant simply how it reflected directly on the events of the present, Róbert Pelles perhaps would not have started to paint at all. Not topical issues but the eternal is what preoccupies him in this genre. Encouraged by the miracle of creation he produces works inspiring a strange sense of timelessness while searching for harmony in the broadest and most appropriate sense of the word. It is not about looking back longingly on the past, nor about rejecting the present or the future; but merely the unraveling and moulding of visions and desires fuelled from within provide sufficient theme and serve his purpose in a truer way. He is an instinctive artist whose high-intensity works created layer by layer without sketches, are made unmistakeable by a strong but sensitive sense of colourism and characteristic depictions.

Pelles, originally a graphic designer, left behind a successful career of almost twenty years, when suddenly, almost one day to the other, turned to visual arts. „I felt an irresistible desire to be able to create works without restraints, just for my own pleasure.”… „I feel that you can say everything with colours”… „I often think how lucky I am to create things that resonate in many people.” – he said in an interview.

He has already had several displays of his works in Hungary when in 2000 he was invited to an exhibition held in Minneapolis, USA. In the same year, his works were displayed in New Canaan and Pensacola, and then several times in Chicago, with great success. His US agent has organised several exhibitions of his works in the USA where he won some awards. In Europe his works have been shown in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. In addition to Hungary, he also works in Spain, Italy, and Austria.

He is co-owner of the GENEZIS Contemporary Art Gallery, founded in 1998 in downtown Budapest, which has provided a permanent exhibition space for his work. The Gallery went online in June 2024.

His work has been shown in twenty-eight countries around the world. His artworks appear in the homes and offices of well known and respected participants of the political and economic world, and also those of the sports and entertainment industry all over the world from New York to London and from Dubai to Tokyo.

In 2024, he was awarded the Munkácsy Prize, the highest prize in the fine arts awarded by the Republic of Hungary.